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Rebel Son – Quit Your Bitchin' lyrics

There's snaughty nosed people everywhere were at
There ain't nobodoy know where ever satisfy
So they bitch bitch bitch every single day
If they weren't bitchin they'd have nothin to say

All the bitching I hear beats all I've ever seen
Everybody's busy bitching about everything
All day long seven days a week
I bet your even in the bed bitchin in your sleep

Bitch bitch bitch what you bitchin about
Bitch bitch bitch why don't you shut your mouth
Bitch bitch bitch so you might as well just,
Quit your bitchin and go to hell
Why don't you eat shit and go fuck yourself

There's snaughty ass people everywhere I go
There all bitchin about somebody they don't even know
Bitch bitch bitch that's all you ever do
I bet behind your back somebody's bitchin bout you


All you do is bitch and you can't seem to quit
You know your not suppose to talk with a mouth full of shit
Bitch bitch bitch we've all hear enough
Why don't you mind your own business and shut the fuck up


Why don't you
Quit your bitchin and go to hell
Why don't you eat shit and go fuck yourself

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