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Q.G & Jay Jay Jones – DEEPER lyrics

Jay Jay Jones
Yeah Jay Jay Jones
Yeah already, let's get it lets go
Q.G I see you bruh yeah

[Verse 1: Jay Jay Jones]

Can you really take it?
Makeup smearing on the pillow
Tonight we role playing
Imma be ya superhero
Lois Lane, Lois Lane
Tonight we do it your way
Massage, 4 play
Hot sex and champagne
Pop em both for real nigga
Shawty drop it for a real nigga
No lie no lie
You know she ride me like a rodeo
Reverse cowgirl
She want this good on a daily tho
She said she want that good on a daily
If she ain't got it, she go crazy
She said the pipe so amazing

[Chorus: Jay Jay Jones]
She say she want it deeper
Watch me hold me hold it down
Watch me hold me hold it down for her
Watch me hold me hold it down

She she want it stronger

Watch me hold me hold it down
Watch me hold me hold it down for her
Watch me hold me hold it down

[Verse 2: Q.G]

Something like an anchor
I holds it down
I know she thankful
Oh so playful in the bed
She can take it
Make it drip
Soak the blankets
Keep it raining
Baby baby
Baby baby
You ain't even gotta trip tho
Kitty shine like crisco
Imma eat that shit tho
Go downtown and hit stores
You know baby you sweet
Been on my mind all week
Got me on your line
Tryna find some time
Tryna find some time to freak
You got me on it baby damn yea
I won't condone it baby
But watch me own it lady
You know
Only baddest fit for uno
You gone know kill it like a funeral
You Know you gone.

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