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Pungent Stench – Human Garbage lyrics

You piss me off when I see your face
Full of shame, full of disgrace
Your're nothing worth, just a piece of shit
Shut your mouth or I start to hit

I punch your face, I kick your butt
I rip your chest and I eat your gut
Your're a big time loser, a lowlife cunt
I smash your face and let a grunt

You're so fake, so "wanna be"
All in all a total pee
There is no reason to let you live
Feel my fist - I will not forgive

A jobless arse, a "don't wanna work"
Social parasite a fucked up jerk
Full of drugs and full of shit
Come here and take this shit

I am full of scorn
Whish you were never born
Will cut your life short
Won't regret on any court

The knowledge you have is minimal
You live your life as a criminal
You think you are so smart
But in real you are a dumb ass fart

You treat your women like shit
Your hard on as big as a tit
You just got a lowlife style
Your attitude is ugly and vile

Human garbage I would name you
You fuckin' hypocrate belong to the zoo
Your presence an disgusting pollution
Death for you the only solution

Your life is a fake
Fuck yourself and die
You just got no taste
All you do is a fuckin' waste
A parasite and nothing more
Your mother a fucked up whore
Your father a dirty tramp
That makes a lowlife champ
So go die and fuck you, scamp

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