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Public Enemy – Incident At 66. 6 Fm lyrics

Shocklee - sadler - ridenhour

Dj: public enemy - ah, in their music ah, kinda rabble rousing. They, ah, talk about, ah, well things like - you know the white media has been very upset abou

Dj: on the air- hello?

Caller: yes, hello?

Dj: yes?

Caller: ah, I've seen these guys - I saw them warm up for the beastie boys last year.

Dj: how were they?

Caller: how were they? I thought it was one of the most appalling things I have ever seen. There were two gentlemen in cages on either side of the stage wit

Dj: hello?

Pe in full effect, brother!

Dj: hello?

Caller: why do you even pay homage to these people by putting these monkies on?

Dj: hello? Hello?

Caller: ... Then have the guts to tell him that he doesn't know what hes talking about.

Dj: hello?

Caller: terminator x!

Dj: thank you. (terminator x is one of the members on the group). On the air (3x). Go back to africa? Ok, were going to (ha ha) - believe me when we go t

Caller: (yes, hello?) yes, I think that white liberals like yourself have difficulty understanding that chucks views represent the frustrations of the majori

Dj: I do understand that.

Caller: but before he came on, you were -

Dj: if you had read the stuff I had read about him, and the way hes been portrayed in american press-

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