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Pt Grimm & The Dead Puppies – Faggot (Remix) lyrics

I fucked my mom x4

I hate remixes x11
I hate mindless self indulgence!

I've been denied all the best ultrasex
That's why I sing like

I, I tried to consume,
Jus like a super faggot I get some dude
How can y'all bring a muthafucka something so good he couldn't say no
It nailed me hard
But I love 'em when they don't give a motherfucking shit
I could've been someone instead of falling flat upon my ass

Dig me now, fuck me later, sing it to the tune of faggot faggot faggot

Little Jimmy Urine, You got a little gun, you got the jizz, I wanna grow up to be like him when I'm 58 years old like he is,

Steve Righ?, Second most important of the crew, If I had to sit on a bus with jimmy day in a day I'd be gay too,

Vanessa Y-T, The s*** girl, The other white meat, An intergalactic robot capable of amazing feats,

Kitty? Kitty who? You mean that afro behind the drums? She's always last in the pictures I believe the word is mum,

I, I could've been a star
It freaks me out when I sound just like my mom
I could've rocked the spot
Instead of being just another faggot like I am
I played that shit straight
Blowin' suckas on the side hopin' I get laid
Now everybody knows
No way in hell I can ever live it down

Dig me now, fuck me later, sing it to the tune of faggot faggot faggot
Sing it with the-

___ my skin ___ little kids, no one notices were hardly playin when we beat the drums like this...

I want my, I want my, I want my ultrasex

Faggot faggot etc

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