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Privaledge – No Chain Music lyrics
[Verse: Priv)
Look I get my grind on
Grew up in a different time zone put my niggers on
But after I put my mom's on, niggers fake who hit the switch
I see the signs on try to tell God I'm straight he say the sign wrong
Lying all good 'cause I'm the one that they lyin' on
Speaking of lying on my nigga can't get line on
We don't know who the press that's why you keep an eye on
Er'body got a job and I'm be on my journey
And you gon be on your journey
I'm just being calm and I've been doing been doing this for a while
They treated like a side john
Succes, my main journal, I'm stressed I can't know em
Fall off 'cause these hoes probably forget my name on
They lame on, they lame asking for information
I never tell 'em a thing I never tell 'em a thing
Who you fucking with, I never tell her a name
'Cause they just hating on 'em and probably fuck 'em the same
Want me frame, I don't think so
Think I need a chain, ye I think so
Guru dot com, I'ma let the link low
Searching for whatever I want I need to think though
Think though, paper ink though stack can't go
Hit it from the back while she grabbing on that ankle
I won't money talk like I'm rich 'cause I ain't though
Still pull up and put 50 on a tank though

Ye I see 'em looking at me but they don't wanna bang though
Ye I see 'em looking at me but they don't wanna bang though
Nah, hey warrap
Ye I see 'em looking at me but they don't wanna bang though
Fuck it, I said look

[Verse: Priv)
No chain music I make music, your main music
Where you're from they buy music and they change to it
Where I'm from they buy music and they thank to it
Cop guns for they homies let them mains do it
Ain't no witnesses nah, ain't no names to it
I never said it was right, I let them lames do it
Got a dream on my mind, mama ain't to it
'Cause I'ma seen niggers mom telling me they came through it
I had to seen my own fam turn to drug addicts
Teachers tell a stupid nigga he above average
School telling a young boy he'll be in prison
So we rather do bad and be good at it
Young chick treated like she 18
Pregnant by the time that she graduate
Her boyfriend claiming that he make cream
'Til the cops make the whole block evacuate
No chain music just the same music
Any hope to do better we call that lame music
Just money on my mind fuck a day music
Yes I gotta come in this rap game and change music
But they don't think so, they don't wanna listen
They wondering how the chain glow
Might humanize on the track but I don't sing though
Tell it straight forward like a motherfucking king though
Ye Privaledge shit

Privaledge shit nigga
Since niggers wanna be Joe, Joe World
Ye I see 'em looking at me but they don't wanna bang though
Ye I see 'em looking at me but they don't wanna bang though
Ye I see 'em looking at me but they don't wanna bang though

[Verse: Hann)
I need money I ain't pitcher for quarters
I'm in the rental tryin' to get to the border
Tryin to cop me a quarter, or that roll on the block
With the lore the law coming to my block that's a slaughter
Tryin' to come up with some change while I sit up on the block with my
Copy that watch bitches gonna hop in the water shit, that clear shit
I'm overseas and rocking jewels I could wake you out your dream or some
Scary shit
I'm on my shit I'm so different in ways you want my dick and got me
Tripping for days
I don't know could it be the money or the way I'm brushing the wave
The way the barber shake me up with the fay, nice and clippers
I'm nice with the hands and I'm nice with the blicker
On demand I end your life with the trigger
I don't rumble state calm on the front like I'm lighting the swisher
Ballas feeling like some lightning to hit you, it's not a fucking game
I'm complex, I live in this crazy ass world
Er'day I gotta drink 'til I hurl
I just lost a fucking brother and besides I got the craziest girl a bad
See attend this a pearl, tryin' to cop a fucking coop inside
Colours sinners world watch niggers gonna spin in your girl
Trade pound barrel spin, hit the top put a spend in your world
Even daddy dookie home from a tree I'm so real
But I leave toast when I'm low on the steel
Like a burger bring the beef to your grill
Bring the beef to your face, it's drama time keep the heat on my ways
Call me when a high heat up the place up, beat up the race
Jewish boy he'll beat up the case
For you snitches on the block, and snitches pastiches but fuck that
Nigga snitchin' I could send you in a box
Doing like some strong liquor sitting on them rocks
Steady licking with them shots, shawn bull keep a numb bull
We was riding we was pissing in them pots
I grind bull, switching up keys like a locks
Smith when I spit you better dig nigga that's real shit
Known to keep the hand cuff, call me Will Smith
And spit banana wrap and fire when I peel shit
Nicole's a pill shit, got your bitch sit and jump in that pearl shit, Caddy
Listen here to all the madical spills, so cut the dumb shit
I hit your ass up with a drum clip, tell me who you run for, tell me who you
Run with
All you niggers done for, nigga you are done with
Priv get 'em

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