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Pretty Ricky – Stay lyrics

Staaayyyyy staaaayyyy stay can you staaaay staaaay stay with me my girl yeaaaa

Baby can you stay just a little bit longer (longer)
Come a little closer lay your head on my shoulder
The night is getting older, temperature getting colder I just wanna hold you
So baby won't you stay with me tonight I wanna put this loving ooooonnnnnn you oooohh yeah

Now close your eyes and stay a little longer girl,
I protect from the world
This feelings I got for you growing o so stronger girl
I know we had some problems in our past relationships,
Shared so many tears I wasn't there but baby I'm right here
So put your phone on mute I'm here
To sooth you through all the pains that's stressing you
So relax lay back and get comfortable, even though you're my ex-girl to me you still my next girl
Infactuated with things you do you sweet plus you're my best girl, I'm on my knees begging you please
Baby stay don't go away but it's getting late and I can see the expressions on your face,
I'm ready to settle down and share a couple of kids with you
Travel overseas with you fulfill my every dreams with you


(yeaaaa staaaayyyyy stay with me my girl
Staaaayyyyy ooohh yea
St aaaaaaaa ye ye y
Can you stay a lil longer?
Put your head on my shoulder
Can you stay a lil longer?

Put your head on my shoulder
Baby stay a little longer
Put your head on my shoulder
Baby stay a little longer
Staaayyyyy oooh yea
Come on over here baby
Hold on hold on)

I know I've been real busy
Not paying you any attention but
Tonight is your night
You know I really love you
I even got your name tattooed backwards on my chest
So I only my heart can really read it
I love you baby

Staaay stay with me my girl staaayyy
Wont you stay with me tonight I wanna put this loving oooonnnn you babe

[Verse 2:]
Yeah baby love is pressure but ima still address you, make the night real special
Wine and dine just to impress you make love to you on top of the dresser we ain't gotta get
Straight down to business although your loving is generous
I knew that you could never picture this, me as a respectable gentlemen
Stay with me I'm down on bending knee ain't no copping plea 'cause I want you here with me kissing and cuddling baby romance me
Show me how it's suppose to be, baby blu still a g' girl it's plain to see girl we was meant
To be making history carving our names in trees mixing birds and bees
Will you stay with me

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