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Pretty Ricky – Should've Been A Model lyrics

Pretty Rick(Rick)
Bluestar Entertainment
I should've been a model
Cuz I stay fresh
My flow(on point)
My dro(on point)
I'm hot
Hey boy you not
I should've been a model
Cuz I stay fresh(Yea)
I should've been a model
Cuz I stay fresh
Chicks love how da kid stay clean
On da set I'm posin like a model magazine
I should've been a model
Cuz I stay fresh
This ya boy Pleasure P
Aye Check
Hat Dolcй
Shirt Dolcй
Pants Dolcй
Dey be like
"Oh he fresh"
Flow on point like a needle
So much ice
I'm blindin' myself I can't see you
I'm wildin' too hard
You can't stop me
Bluestar the team I playin' 4 watch me
Pop bottles
Man I should've been a model
But I got models who love 2 swallow
And dey love 2 follow me everywhere dat I go
Automatically know 2 throw dey underwear on da flo'
Its' goin' down homie
Steady waitin' on a player downfall
But I keep it pimpin'
Get da money straight from 'round ya'll
Pleasure P
Keep dat
Cheedar cheese
Keep dat
Game from a mile away
There's nothing you can tell me
Rollin' in da Bentley
Pocket full of Benjees
Hotter than da the lava
Cooler than da wind and da breeze
Free boy
Come snatch ya chick
Flippin' out hundred dollar bills
Like a Sidekick
I keep niggas quiet call 'em Mr. Bean
Got custom Air Jordans like I play for da team
Swagger like a model
Yea I'm doin' my thang
Stay poppin' more bottles than a vendin' machine
Shirt off six pack like Sprite
Obey ya thirst and take me home tonight
Got lined up further than a string on a kite
Call my grill South Pole cuz' its' stacked wit' ice
Referee on da scene breakin' up girl fights
Dey fightin' over me it must be nice
[Baby Blue]:
I'm like a jet but bigger
Spoil her wrist for bigger
All da girls love me cuz' my ---- is bigger
My rims bigger
My cars bigger
I play cricket to my lawn cuz' my yard is bigger
You can call me Spongebob
Cuz I stay so clean
Stay wettin' on dez haters
All I gotta do is squeeze
Dez haters stay hatin' cuz I stay so fresh
Leave da girls smellin like some latex
I'm Baby Blue whoa super model
Keep a car load of dem nymphos
I have posed like center folds
Head shots
Head shots
Gimme some mo'
See baby Imma hot star
Party like a rock star
Always wit' a superstar
Trynna get her top off
Now you can call me a pretty boy
But the ladies call me
Big boy you know what that's for
[Slick 'Em]:
Slick 'Em Hound
Come on
Lets go
Yea... Yea
I know my jeans sag low
Its' hard to hold 'em up wit my pockets full of dough
Now what I mean is damn I'm paid
When I pull a wallet out its like a hand grenade(boom)
When I dress I go all out
I even do the white boy and Abercombie it out
Lookin' gq wit' a suit and a tie
No matter where I'm at I represent da 305
A wild nigga wit gat & golds
Chillin' wit' dem goones
On dem 24's(come on)
Throw on da shades and I'm ready to go
But prefer layin' low wit' da baddest hoes
Face clean boy where ever I go
Walk away from South Beach to Coco's
Now I can show you how to bag dez models
But tha catch is I gotta sell my swag in a bottle
Now that's a rap

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