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Preps Four – The Big Draft lyrics

Why don't you draft all the other groups?
Give them a chance to go see the world
Ship them to the open spaces
We can think of a hundred places
Let's send the Platters away today
I'll never smile again (Dow dow dow dow)
Our new record's a bomb (Doot doot doo doo)
They never heard of us (Dow dow dow dow)
In South Vietnam
Why don't you draft all the other groups?
They're getting older every year they're here
Put 'em on some naval carrier
'Fore they pass that legal barrier
May we suggest one or two?
The Four Aces have been in before
But experience is what you're looking for
The draft is a many-splendored thing
Over land sea or sky we'll be down to say goodbye
As the Aces go rolling along
Well it's hut three four
And it's time to grab some more
Dick and Deedee will serve us all with pride
And where 'ere they go, they will always know
That in spirit we're there at their side
Up early morn it's so? Lied
Can't get across to the other si-i-i-i-i-de
Uh-oh uh-oh, uh-oh uh-oh
After you take dick and Deedee
The Marcels certainly look top-shape
It would be a mighty thrill to see
Those boys shooting field artillery
Singing as they went along
Dip dip dip dip werp a-werp werp
Bom ba bom bom, boom ba boom boom
Boob ba ba boom ba ba boom, heartaches
Heartaches, heartaches
Since I've been drafted, I've got heartaches
Not only that, I'm eating army stew
While I've got heartburn too
Dip dip dip dip werp a-werp werp
Bom ba bom bom, boom ba boom boom
Boob ba ba boom ba ba boom, heartaches
Say man, why do you sing that way?
You're standin' on my foot!
Anchors aweigh my boys
There goes that noise
Meanwhile we were thinkin' maybe
The Highwaymen would be perfect for the Navy
The ocean is deep and the ocean is wide
Gotta get goin'
Got no draft on the other side
Keep on rowin'
Michael, row the boat ashore, hallelujah
Gotta stay outa this mixed-up war, hallelujah
After you take all the other groups
Let's let Dion feel he served us well
Hey hey wo-o-o-o-oah
Hey hey wo-o-o-o-oah
Hey hey wo-o-o-o-oah
Hey... Ahhh
Kentucky and Waterloo
Uncle Sam is a-comin' he's a-watchin' you
So stay away keep outa view
Stay away from your draft board too
I'll be? All around
Down that noise
And stay away from Uncle Sam
'Cuz he goes after little boys
We close with just one last request of you
Forget that we are 1-A too

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