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Prairie Whiskey – Broken Heart Love Song lyrics

He’s been deceiving, and now she’s leaving
He took everything that she believed in
She had to walk away, there’s nothing more to say

She thought he loved her, he said no other
They planned a life with each other
Her dreams died today, her tears like rain

She wants to fall apart, he broke her heart
As she cries aloud, up to the stars
Now the pain it starts, can she love another
Now she's scared to dream, scared to be,
Who she wants to be, she's been set free,
All she wanted you see
Was to be your lover

She had been trying, with all his lying
To make it work, oh to stand by him
But it was thrown away, her heart broke here today

Look into her eyes, and know that your lies
Broke her heart, it's no surprise
Why she's grown astray, and why she walked away

Bridge / solo
While she is crying there’s no denying
She’ll make it through this she will triumph
She got back up today, as she walks away

Chorus x 2
She thought she'd fall apart, he broke her heart
As she cried aloud, up to the stars,
All the pain it stopped
She will love another
Now she holds her dreams,
Lives to be who she wants to be
She's been set free, she will find it you see
She will fall in love with another
She had to walk away, there’s nothing more to say

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