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Pop Will Eat Itself – Preaching To The Perverted lyrics

"Perverts, on your knees! For what you're about to receive It's definitely def F.Def for the Death-Deaf Undef... That's deffo for Defheads Astley's in the noose (hang loose kid) Lift the lid on the crimes he did Caught playing safe, All the same and everybody's playing it... It's a bored game, Like, laying it down-No! Nobody's saying it like this Theyy're brown-nosing, posin' pretty In shitty shit city, It's a tragedy, pure sit-comedy... So we steal, so what, We're Robin Hoods, for the good of the loosers So far, so good, The boozers, the ugly, the crazy, The perverts, the lazy... The drunks and the punks, The trouble here is that trouble never happens There's bubbles to burst Going for the prime time- So making trouble's a first, Rhythm and rhyme, partners in crime; I'm gonna get mine. CHORUS This is the law-don't argue This is the law-stop grinnin'! Make some noise-shake what you've got... Go ahead-kick a hole in the speaker This is the law, This is the law-for the ugly, you-you-ugly oh yeah! Yeah that's right kick it... Go ahead-kick a hole the speaker! Very metal riffs polluting the air, Can you dig it? Hell yeah! It's a far far better thing we do now... Can you dig it? Hell yeah! Hell yeah! Say it loud and say it proud There's no pleasure to treasure in prostitution. What's my solution? Noise pollution! CHORUS This isn't love It's just cheap entertainment, The stains on the sheet and the crap on the pavement Rearing our ugly head Say what's got to be said with a sledgehammer, No s-s-stammer... Preach to the perverts, teach and convert Rough and sleazy, loose and easy Each little excerpt, a feature of expertise Perverts can you hear me? CHORUS -----------------------------------------------------------

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