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Poetry And Motion – My Suicidal Poem lyrics

That feelings back again
I'm feeling lonely with that knife in hand
-That knife-, with it's reassuring words of poision
-That same knife with the slicing of freedom
All because he said he loved me
- but then being me I didn't relise
I was too blind to see
-to see the the pain waiting for me
-waiting for me behind my blinding fanatasy
So here I am feeling the the slicing pain that sets me free
Trying to run from the pain- trying to hide from it
But it always seems to catch up
That's when the knife calls my name
Every slice seems to make the brokeness inside fade
-fade thru the blood that squeezes out thru that mark of phyisical pain
All he wanted wasa what no one else had
That one little kiss
The one that kept my head spinning
Kept me day dreamin
Long after you had already forgotten
I wear the wristbands and bracelets so no one can see the scars which remind me not to trust
I don't want anyone to know - thay'd look down on me
I try to fight it I really do
But whent he knife calls I have to listen to what it tells me to
I hate wanting to cry
I can't tho the tears wont come
Instead it's that glistening knife that comes to me
He took my heart
He must have broke the fragile thing- beacuse now it's broken
If you see him tell him to keep it
I don't want it back anyhow- can't stitch it up anymore
I've replaced it with something less fragile anyhow
I died emotionally because of him
I died mentally for him
I'm dieing physically so I don't froget him
He left me lost and alone
I did a good job hiding emotion tho
What hurts the most tho, more then him leaving
More then the knife od evil reminders
Is to think that he cared about me and then to find out it was all a lie

K that' s my poem E-mail please no posts unless you have to
-Jessica Fike " Don't cry over someone that won't cry over you: age 13

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