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Pocahontas – Steady As The Beating Drum lyrics

[Native Americans]
Hega hega ya-hi-ye-hega
Ya-hi-ye-ne-he hega

Hega hega ya-hi-ye-hega
Ya-hi-ye-ne-he hega

Steady as the beating drum
Singing to the cedar flute
Seasons go and seasons come
Bring the corn and bear the fruit

By the waters sweet and clean
Where the mighty sturgeon lives
Plant the squash and reap the bean
All the earth our mother gives

O Great Spirit, hear our song
Help us keep the ancient ways
Keep the sacred fire strong
Walk in balance all our days

Seasons go and seasons come
Steady as the beating drum
Plum to seed to bud to plum
(Hega hega ya-hi-ye hega)
Steady as the beating drum

Hega hega ya-hi-ye-hega
Ya-hi-ye-ne-he hega

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  • p
    This song is saying to keep things steady or to make your own traditional path. Pocahontas's father (the chief of the tribe) wants her to be as steady as the beating drum. While Pocahontas wants to have her own path. The movie and in-between the lines of this movie show that either way is okay, and life is all about following other ideas or making your own unique decision. This is not just an average story. This shows one girl's life as a Powhatan, and how difficult life can be. Never let anyone else make your own decision. Instead of following others I would think do what you think is the best for YOUR life.
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  • u
    The theme throughout the movie is whether to be steady as a beating drum or to cut your own path. This song sets up the theme for the movie. This is the perspective her father takes and just around the river bend is the perspective that Pocahontas takes toward life.
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