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Plajia – Thank You Trippy Music (The End) lyrics

For once in my life
No need to turn lights on and off
I miss the sun
What have we done?
I don’t know, I don’t know

Just like the movies
The most expensive of them all
But now it’s real
This place is wide
I’m alone

I am the Earth and the Earth is me
Each blade of grass, each honey tree
Each bit of mud, stick and stone
Is blood and muscle, skin and bone
And just as I need every bit of me
To make my body fit
So the Earth needs grass, stone and tree
And things that grow here naturally
That's why I celebrate this day
That's why across the world I say
As long as life, is dear and free
I am the Earth and the Earth is me

Gone waterfalls, animals
Such a beautiful place after all
No more pain
Just a gain
For a man of good will
Of good will

Guess I need to explain
How did I survive this war
Mostly in my head
Hear it out

I was sleeping on the couch
Playing LP’s such as Dark Side
And some old trippy stuff
I was out of this world
And then suddenly the light
Stroked my eyes
I grabbed my headphones so tight
To drown all the freaky noises around

A song is real
Sound is not

Suddenly the light stroked my eyes
I grabbed my headphones so tight
And down the road I was saved by the bells
Ringing loud
Ringing loud
Ringing loud
Ringing loud

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