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Plajia – Piggie Park (The Meal) lyrics

Chew your lies and drink more
Of that crap once said
By the folks on the edge
They called it government
I guess they’ve already flown
Far away from this broken barren land
No one would give me a loan
No one would give me a loan

Vacant stores all around me
I won’t pay no more
I feel sad I feel good
My suppertime is ahead
I wanna go for a meal

Even though it’s the end
Of the world my friend
Gotta find someone else
To make me sandwich and fries
Old stagnant values to change
It’s on the rise
I fear refashion still
Close your eyes
The irony of it all
The irony of it all
The irony of it all

Take out the flower
This is how I clean the dandelion
Take all the bad ones out
I would dream to discover
A wild horse still alive
And ride it through the junk
Still have my music to dream
Now walking down to the scene
And still hungry
I wanna get me a loan and fix the earth
Something gets in my way

They’re very good for you too
They’re tasty
You can get them for nothing
Take out all the bad ones
Wash them very very good ‘cause they’re full of dirt
Now I put it in the olive oil

Got myself into Piggie Park
Got myself into Piggie Park
Got myself into Piggie Park
Got myself into Piggie Park

Few survived I was wrong
Thinking I was the one
Found this place I believed in
No bloody zombies in sight

I know I never put pepper in salad
They're good for you, they're good... tasty
And all you need is a little patience and work

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