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Pizzicato Five – Shopping Bag lyrics

Translators: Ed Valdez, Ayumi Suzuki, Ted Mills

Mayonaka sugi made yatteru
Ookii na honya de
Shibaraku hima wo tsubushiteta

Hurui tomodachi ga notteru
Zasshi wo tachi yomishitari
Hoshi uranai wo yondari shiteta

Soshite terebi no gaido to
Besuto sera no shoosetsu
Hurui tomodachi ga notteru zasshi to
Sore ni watashi ga notteru zasshi mo
Matomete minna kaado de haratta

Doyoo no gogo dake aiteru
Ookina furiimaaketto
Hitori de hima wo tsubushiteta

Kinoo ha kangae gotoshite
Asa made okite ita kedo
Toriaezu beddo wo nukedashita

Yasumono no rampsheedo to
Mukashi no eiga no posutaa to
Jibetto no ocha to
Shiroi kiribana to
Sore ni afugan kooto mo
Igai to negitte te ni ireta

Koibito ga iru toki ha
Watashi ha koi wo suru kedo
Koibito ga inakute mo
Watashi ha sonna ni komaranai

Soshite doyou no gogo no
Kaimono no kaeri michi
Watashi no ato wo tsuite kuru
Chiisana inu okashina inu
Hoeru kuse ni tsuite kuru inu

Koibito ga inakute mo
Watashi ha sonna ni komaranai
Koibito ga inakute mo
Watashi ha koi wo suru kedo

I was passing the time for a while
In a large bookstore
Open until midnight

I was reading through magazines
With my old friends in them
Reading the horoscope

And then A tv guide and
A best seller
A magazine my friend is in
And a magazine that I'm in
Paid for the whole thing by credit card

At the big free market
Opens only on Saturday afternoon
I was passing the time alone

Yesterday, I was thinking about things
I stayed awake until morning but
I slipped out of bed anyway

A cheap lampshade and
An old movie poster
And Tibet tea and
Cut, white flowers and
An Afghan coat
I haggled and got a good deal

When I have a lover
I am in love but...
Even if I don't have a lover
It's no big deal

And then on the way back
From Saturday afternoon shopping
Following behind me
A small dog, a funny dog
This dog who followed me, barking as it does

Even if I don't have a lover
It's no big deal
But even if I don't have a lover
I am in love...

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