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Pizzicato Five – My Bossa Nova lyrics


Translator: Andrei Cunha

Mukashi anata ga suki datta
Natsukashii record
Mф ni do to kikanai to
Omotte ita kedo
Ano natsu no hi anata ni
Soshite watashi wa
Koi ni koi ni
Ochita no

Watashi no bossa nova
Omoidasu toki
Amai melody ni
Nakitakunaru kara
Watashi no bossa nova
Kono mama sotto
Hitomi wo tojiru no
Ano hi no yф ni

Ano koro no watashi ni wa
Taikutsu na record
Itsumo watashi no koto dake
Mitsumete hoshikute

Watashi no bossa nova
Omoidasu no yo
Tsuki yo ni kanaderu
Pandeiro no oto
Watashi no bossa nova
Ima nara kitto
Rhythm ni makasete
Hitori de odoru no

Utsukushii omoide to
Surikireta record
Mo ni do to
Kikanai to kokoro ni
Shimau no

Watashi no bossa nova
Wakatte ita no yo
Utsukushii keredo
Kanashii uta na no
Watashi no bossa nova
Ima dake sotto
Kuchizusande miru
Kono ai no uta wo
Watashi no bossa nova
Kono ai no uta wo

that song you used to like
That record you used to play
I don't listen to it anymore
Or so I thought
That summer night
When you held me in your arms
That is when
I fell in love
In love with you

My bossa nova
When I remember it
I feel like crying
To a sweet melody
My bossa nova
Sounds so quiet
If I close my eyes
I can feel that day again

At that time I thought
That record was boring
And I wanted you to
Have eyes only for me

My bossa nova
It's time to remember it
The pandeiro(*) sounds
Like a moonlit night
My bossa nova
And now I feel I can
Leave it to the rhythm
And dance all by myself

Those beautiful memories
And that worn-out record
I had long decided
I would never bring
Them out again

But my bossa nova
I had known for a long time
It's beautiful but
It's a triste song
My bossa nova
Only now quietly
As I try to hum it
This love song
My bossa nova
This love song

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