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Pizzicato Five – I Hear A Symphony lyrics

Translators: Andrei Cunha

Jikan ga tarinakute
Aitai no ni
Surechigau bakari de
Hon no sukoshi
Dokoka de
Yatto aeru toki demo
Uchiaketai kotoba
Umaku ienakute

Denwa no koe
Togiregachi ni naru

Kieso na kotoba ni jitto
Mimi wo sumasete

Tawai no nai anata no
Kotoba ga ureshikute

Sore wa koibitotachi no
Tame no symphony

Hitobito wo
Jikan ga
Oikoshite yuku
Oooh doko ka de kikoeru
Wasurete ita ongaku ga
Mimi wo sumaseru

*aishiau futari no
Sasayaku kotoba ya
Machi no doko ka
Dareka ga
Uta toka
Sonna subete
Kasanari umareru
Kore wa
Koibitotachi no
Tame no symphony*

Hitobito wo
Jikan ga
Oikoshite yuku
Metro no zawameki
Wasurete ita ongaku ni
Mimi wo sumasete

Repeat **

Kyo mo darekaga
Itsuka anata to
Mo ichido aetara
Kitto umaku anata ni
Uchiakete iu hazu

Koibitachi no
Tame no symphony#
Repeat ##

lovers never
Have time enough
They want to meet
But keep passing each other
In the street
And if they finally
Manage to meet
They don't manage
To tell each other
What is
Most important

When they talk
On the phone
There's those
Disturbing silences
And sudden interruptions
I try to listen carefully to
What you say
(it's so distant) and
Feel happy with the insignificant
Things you say
That's a symphony
For lovers

Time goes faster
Than all those
People running
I hear a song
From somewhere
A song i had long forgotten
The two lovers try to
Listen to it carefully

The words lovers
Whisper to each other
And the song
Someone is humming
As he walks in the streets
All this gets
Mingled and
A symphony
For lovers

Time goes faster
Than all those
People running
The sound of the subway
And a song
I had long forgotten
The two lovers
Are listening carefully

Another couple will
Be formed
Another couple
Will break up
If i ever see you again
I'll tell you

Can you hear?
This symphony
For lovers

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