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Pixies – Nimrod's Son lyrics

One night upon my motorcycle through the desert spead
And smashed my body so that all my friends thought I was dead
My sister held me close and whispered to my bleeding head
"you are the son of a mother fucker"

One two three four

I shook all night and held her hand
Chocolate people well I'll be damned
Land of plenty, land of fun
To find out I'm nimrod's son

Oh bury me
Far away please
Bury me

The joke has come upon me

In my motorcycle mirror I think about the life I've led
And how my soul's been aking all the holes where I have bled
My image spoke to me, yes to me and often said
"you are the son of incestuous union"

One two three

Now my head is clear
My luke hands washed
My daughter's pure
My son is tall
Land of plenty, land of fun
To find out I'm nimrod's son

Oh bury me
Far away please
Bury me

Ha-ha ha-ha
The joke has come upon me

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    This song has a funny ring to it but I like the pixies 1st night version the best, the studio version to me doesn't sound as good and sounds hurried or not as real then again I think they just sound better live a few words on the meaning I think frank might of read the tract The Two Babylons by theologian Alexander Hislop who interprets According to Hislop, Semiramis was an exceedingly beautiful woman, who gave birth to a son named Tammuz, was instrumental as the queen, and wife of Nimrod the founder of Babylon, and its religion, complete with a pseudo-Virgin Birth. This he called a foreshadowing of the birth of Christ, prompted by Satan. Later, Nimrod was killed, and Semiramis, pregnant with his child, claimed the child was Nimrod reborn. Supposedly nimrod reborn was the son and also married his mother Semiramis with the words "u are the son of a motherfucker" and Babylon being the land of plenty and land of fun just a interpretation.
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