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Pissed Jeans – Ugly Twin (I've Got) lyrics

You know I've got an ugly twin
He looks just like me, he's got a stupid grin
He always follows me, he knows where I've been
When he's around you know I just can't win
I've got a nasty twin
Follows me to town on his stupid Schwinn
He looks just like me, he's got a stupid grin
Yeah I think he knows, he's my ugly twin
He's my ugly twin
My ugly twin - how does that make you feel?
I'm sure mad at my ugly twin - and he sure knows it too
I just don't know why I always feel so black and blue
Every time he comes around, I don't know what to do
My ugly twin - he just doesn't like you, or me, or anyone
He's my ugly twin
Oh, oh, oh, my ugly twin
Can't win, and I can't play on the same field as him
He's always in the car with me, and writing my name on the wall
He thinks he's so hot, but he's not, I know he's not
One day he blamed me when they caught him with pot
But it wasn't me, and he likes all the same teams as me
No it's not fair, but I don't care
It's not fair but I don't care

I know it's not fair
I should've been born alone

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