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Pinkerton Thugs – The Social Monster lyrics

(M. Smaldone/ P. Russo)
If crime is a natural human tendency
Then why are most crimes commited
By people of the lower class? Crime is
Natural only as a rejection to social injustice
And inequality; the more they force us down,
The more defiant we become. This means that
All the laws and all the policemen and all the
Prisons aren't going to change a fucking thing,
They can only grow in numbers, waste more of our labor and take more
Of our lives!
No need for police anymore!
An even greater threat than communism
To the American elite, Blacks, Hispanics,
And Native Americans are forced, not by
Physical means but by social means, into
Ghettos and slums, poor districts and
Reservations, where they're left to endure
Their own anger. These are the most
Oppressed people in this country and this
Is precisely why crime rates in their
Communities are so high.
No need for police anymore!
Remove the whip from the backs of
The workers and we'll do better work
Remove the gun from the backs of the people
And we'll have a better society based on
Cooperation rather than competition. They
Need us to remain in power but we don't need
Them. We can take what's rightfully ours, and
We don't need to do what they say. You know why?
Because we are their power!!
No need for police anymore!
Armies exist because money exists!

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