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Petra – Angel Of Light lyrics

Words and music by Bob Hartman

City lights are flashing, they call you to the streets
Hearts are filled with passion in everyone you meet
The Boulevard is waiting, it wants to get you high
Neon signs are waiting to sell you anything you want to buy
But I know your devices, it shouldn't seem so odd
You lied from the beginning, I see through your facade

Angel of light, I see you glow in the night
But you only bring darkness to my soul
Angel of light, You're telling me wrong is right
I won't let you're evil take control

They follow in your footsteps not knowing that you fell
Bumper to bumper on the freeway to hell
You lead them into wrong and you make it look so right
You lead them into darkness and make them think you lead them into light
But I know where you're going, too bad you're not alone
If it wasn't for the real light I might have never known

You got the clergy working overtime to widen the narrow way
You've got politicians everywhere listening to what you say
You've got false apostles teaching lies perverting the only way
You've got principalities and powers waiting to obey
You've got philosophies and vain deceipts lying to deceive
You've got hate, and greed, ungodly lusts in the deadly web you weave
Somehow you've got so many thinking you're not even there
One look is all it takes to get them blinded by your glare

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    Amy Howell
    Wow. There are no words on earth to describe this song. Except. What a vessel for the divine coming down through a person and out of their mouths with their voices. God has a plan for you and so does Satan. You can either go up or down. Hurry and choose before its too late. Time is running out fast. Find someone you know who you have ever heard talk spiritual, holy bible God of abraham isaac and jacob.
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  • u
    Angel of light by petra is a song about how satan & demons have had 6, 000 years, since the devil first deceived eve, to try to confuse people about the true teachings of the true god they provide a counterfeit " gospel " which leaves out god"s life changing truths ! The song is based on ascripturally based outline , of how " religious (but unscriptural) traditions, have weakened belief in god's correctly understood word. (posted by god's bible myth busters.)
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