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Peter J. – Burning Wood lyrics

Well, you know last winter I spent a million or two, heating my house with that bubbling crude, black gold, opec's oil.

So I thought I'd get smart like others before and I went out and I bought me a stove, a wood burning stove that could burn coal.

Now, I went right out and I bought me a saw, an ax and a wedge and a big heavy maul and I took to the woods truck and all.

Now the first tree I cut was a big oak tree, it came crashing down with a big heavy thud and I looked at that tree lying on the ground. And I saw before my eye's a crackling glow and I felt the warmth of a wood burning stove and I said hey, now that's for me.

I'm burning wood... I'm burning wood...
I'm burning wood.

I'm burning wood... Burning wood...
Just burning wood.

Now I cut up that tree and piled it on the truck, brought it home to split it up, get it nice and seasoned, before the winter comes.

Now, swing an ax then swing a maul, parley your wedge then swing it some more, working up a thirst, just working the wood... 'cause [Chorus:]

Now my back is aching and I'm feeling worn, my hands are blistered and my pants are torn, all this work, just to stay warm.

Well, I hardly think it's worth it at all, then I see that oil truck standing tall, then I'm back out in the woods and oh yea! I'm cutting more... 'cause [Chorus:]

Now, when winter comes along and it get mighty cold, I'm gonna be sitting by my wood burning stove, keeping nice and warm, just my Honey and me.

And I'll drink my beer and sing a little song, waiting for spring when it's gonna get warm, 'cause hell or high water this winter, I sure won't freeze... 'cause

I'm burning wood... Burning wood...
I'm burning wood and I'm staying nice and warm.

Just burning wood... Burning wood...
I'm burning wood, all winter long.

I'm burning wood... Burning wood...
I'm burning wood!

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