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Pennjamin Bannekar – Set If Off lyrics

Hey mama, hey partna
Pennjamin bannekar do the honors
I aint gon charge ya, this just the sampler
So throw ya arms up, and put ya hands out
Do the new dance out, lets take a chance now
I'm feelin good cuz they recognize the brand now
I recognize I'm on the verge of being icon
You recognize cuz my verses on ya ipod
Damn, yeah that shit was kinda nice
I'm not suprised but I see you with the bugged out eyes
I know you buggin right, well I'm the raid man
I got these chicks wet, I made it rain man
They doin rain dances, in they tight pants it's
Gettin hard for me to watch you wit ya clothes on
How bout we go home, yeah baby shake the spot
We to the crib now so I can set it off

We been here just a lil too long
We bout to leave now baby go & grab ya purse
Headed to my home, we bout to get it on
And when we hit the door baby I'ma set it off unh
Yeah ima set it off for ya

We exiting, no extra shit
We aint stoppin at no ihop for nourishment
I wanna punish it, I'm finna come wit it
I got a caramel payday that you can have a play date wit
What you say there dear, you can gobble that
I got some spray at the end, you can swallow that
It does a body good and you can check the facts
I got that vitamin D this what ya body might need
It sweeps ya off of ya feet and it aint costin a fee
You can be another satisified customer
She in the open wit it, glad it's not covered up
Strokin her pearl tongue, daddy deep, long stroke
She on my long bow, my stroke on auto
Matic, also comes wit a lil magic
I'm bringin havoc everytime that I set it off
I mobb deep everytime that I'm in the drawz

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