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Paul Kelly – Deeper Water lyrics

On a crowded beach in a distant time
At the height of summer see a boy of five
At the water's edge so nimble and free
Jumping over the ripples looking way out to sea
Now a man comes up from amoungst the throng
Takes the young boy's hand and his hand is strong
And the child feels safe, yeah the child feels brave
As he's carried in those arems up and over the waves
Deeper water, deeper water, deeper water, calling him on
Let's move forward now and the child's seventeen
With a girl in the back seat tugging at his jeans
And she knows what she wants, she guides with her hand
As a voice cries inside him - I'm a man, I'm a man!
Deeper water, deeper water, deeper water, calling him on
Now the man meets a woman unlike all the rest
He doesn't know it yet but he's out of his depth
And he thinks he can run, it's amatter of pride
But he keeps coming back like a cork on the tide
Well the years hurry by and the woman loves the man
Then one night in the dark she grabs hold of his hand
Says 'There, can you feel it kicking inside!'
And the man gets a shiver right up and down his spine
Deeper water, deeper water, deeper water, calling him on
So the clock moves around and the child is a joy
But Death doesn't care just who it destroys
Now the woamn gets sick, thins down to the bone
She says 'Where I'm going next, I'm going alone'
Deeper water, deeper water
On a distant beach lonely and wild
At a later time see a man and a child
And the man takes the child up into his arms
Takes her over the breakers
To where the water is calm
Deeper water, deeper water,
Deeper water, calling them on

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Deeper Water meanings

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    What a beautiful song about being a man. The boy learns from his dad what it is to love. Then he grows up, falls in love with a woman and has child. At each stage of his life he enters "deeper waters", something he's never experienced before but with the strength he learnt from his dad he swims instead of sinking. When his partner dies he's able to show the same love for his daughter that his dad did for him all those years ago.
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    I also was watching the abc special today and felt the need to look up these specific lyrics, they reached into me. I am not a man but that sense of strong connection through love and through family, lives being shared, lives being felt and lived made me feel melancholy and joy, like life itself. Paul Kelly has an innate ability to write songs that connect so deeply with our shared humanity, I cannot get enough of him!
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    A great communion with the holy spirit of god:
    when you go nearer god even having doubts, even having pre-concepts about god, even thinking you've wronged too much and you don't deserve being in god's throne, you realize god is greatly awesome to love you, he's not only big in size, is infinite in loving you. Jesus christ and what he did on the cross for you was enough to draw you close to the great god, and jesus is the only way to super god. Deeper water is abundant life, full of blessings for you, but waters that flow, that give back. Deeper water is to live so close to god that you can't see anything else. God dares you to move to unknown places where the only thing left is god.
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