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Paul Armstrong – Understand lyrics

Verse 1
I've driven across this country,
Over this old brown land
Oh baby don't you tell me,
That I'm not your truck driven man.
I'll be hauling out of Kalgoorlie
Down to old Adelaide town.
Then I'll be Sydney bound.

Oh woman don't you love me...
No need to slam the door
You said you won't wait for me anymore
I'll be driven down the hi-way
Can't push this rig anymore
I'll still be four days or more.

Oh woman don't you love me.
Try to understand I'm your truck driven man
I've driven across this country
Over this old brown land
Just to hold your hand...

I've been driven across this country
Over this great brown land
Hauling black coal and sand
Oh woman don't you worry because
I'm your truck driven man
I'll be hauling out of Sydney, in four hours, for sure
Just to be at homes door

When I come to love you
Can't see you anymore
With darkness all around me
And wedding photo's on the floor
Oh woman now you left me
You just walked out the door
I only know how to push the clutch to the floor
Woman don't you love me
Don't you want me anymore

Oh woman don't you love me
Try to understand I'm your truck driven man
I've driven across this country
Over this old brown land
Woman you just couldn't understand
This is all I know to put cash in your hand
I'll only ever be a truck driven man

Now the highway is calling
I'll just lock the door
And pick up our photos from the floor

And hang them with my wedding ring
On the key hook next to the door
I won't be back no more
I'll be driving the highway with ten other rigs or more...

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    I wrote this when I was driving to pick up a oven. 400km across the state of Victoria Australia.
    It felt like I was driving for the love of my dreams. And to have that dream taken away from you. And its something in ones life, your not able to do anything about it.
    As a man you love with all your heart, you work your finger to the bone, for the one you love.
    Although we spend time together, build together nest as one, With Dreams in our minds, and to achieve this dream we start together with love and dedication. As time moves along we have to work long hours to house and feed our families. We loose touch of the love and peace and happiness we have longed for through the hours of dreaming of love. And only to find is we lose, our time to love. And our life becomes a slave to money and life style lust and Desire.
    Working for life, to be forced to live away from the people we love. Is it worth your love?
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