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Party Boyz – Flex lyrics

Hands on Yo Head Whlie you Workin On Tha Floor
Fire up that kush as I walk throw tha doo
Coogi head to toe so you kno
I'm gettin chose but once I hit her wit that flex
She go be beggin for some more
So watch me work[x4]
So watch me work
Hit her wit that flex
Hit her wit that flex
Hit her hit her
Hit her wit that flex
She go be beggin for some more[x3]
(Ice b)
Ice b ice b why yo swagg so cold I'm flexin though the party polo hat polo clothes matter fact I'm so polo that I should and strike and a pose fresh steppin through the doo tha party boyz gettin choose choosey lover choosey lover call me mr bunny rubber cuz I keep her bed rockin when I get to flexin on her showin love to my city cuz you know we takin neckz city but we don't d town boogie we jus dirty dallas flex
(Big chris)
We in diz hoe got I'm flexin now all dez hoez workin out like an exricez chain hangin off da coogi just to hurt dey eyez da 4-5 on my side to make dez bitch niggaz hide if she don't swallow den itz goin in-between her eyez and imma kick her out da ride wit a burger and fries get a swisha den smoke summtin wit my niggas get back up on my grind den make my bank role thicker
Hit her wit that flex
Hit her wit that flex
Hit her hit her
Hit her wit that flex
She go be beggin for some more[x3]
(Duce phat)
Now watch me flex and watch me move handz on my head gone watch ya boy groove coogi on my bodi so you kno I'm feelin lucky shawty still choosin even dough I'm kinda chubby swagg on my wrist christyle white like da snow(bling) lil mama bobbin on me cuz she like tha light show flex when I hit den she took it to da floo she unziped da coogi said daddy letz go
(Lil pudge)
Whoa whoa whoa I be giggin I be flexin it bad lil broad on my arm itz a mexcian give her ass a s close da doo tell her letz begin I wann get nasty so I tell da hoe to bring her friend bring it bring it back cuz I like da way you workin it coogi on my bodi so you kno a nigga workin it I be flexin when I'm groovin keep da club movin I'm supa dupa fresh so you kno da hoez choosin

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