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Parris Franz – Bang Bang lyrics

You aksed what kept me from leaving
Love’s the only reason
Now behind me at the precinct, halfway indecent
They told me your secrets
Nipples barely peeking through a robe I usually slippedd in
Out running the streets and
Not to mention that raw cut from Venus
The first bar for me just emerged a flawless treatment
And the words leakin on how you not cheatin
So trust me, I got reasons
But baby I’m not leaving
That past weekend I was speaking with the deacon
Told him bout the situation we in
Said that if we need him
Please do come by and see him
Tell the man I leave my burdens right beneath him
It’s crazy hah?
‘Cus you just meant to bang me huh?
I made you come and after that played me dumb
Then expect a relationship you get a baby from
Too bad we wasn’t ready and you gave me one
Had plenty of time left to make him raise up one
Who would’ve solved the tan? Never thought you’d raise up one
Think your abusive ways with your days outdone
And the final straw
Was how you fall way of the gun

(Hook x2: Akon)
Bang Bang, she shot me down
Bang Bang, I hit the ground
Bang Bang, that awful sound
Bang Bang, my baby shot me down

Remember the steel clears when I spit for the deal
And hit so hard that it left my heels
Laid my unconscious until I laid back and gained conscious at will
Fighting the myth, over the my detect phone bill
Immediately planned appeal,
Girl said I could chill and I feel
I should cope and deal
‘Cus just how we been under pressure since we low on the script
So that is true, she hurt before but still
We tried every bill, took our relationship beyond will it bail
‘Cus he was apologetic as hell
(Baby I’m sorry)
So she see I could tell
You ask me, had me under the spell
Where I’m from so I be catching the ill
Now I’m living like the Harris
Teens as I’m Robin Givens
Was some even the neighbors could’ve ended
Early, from the beginning
The cold police, it really wasn’t they business
Now I’m thinkin how I ended
I shoulda been Diddy

(Hook x2: Akon)
Bang Bang, she shot me down
Bang Bang, I hit the ground
Bang Bang, that awful sound
Bang Bang, my baby shot me down

Up the point I’ve been acceptive what I leave in the past
I’m leavin the cash, shit, leave the keys to the Jag
House she can have
Ring, safe, key and the stash
I’m leavin some class, I’m useful,
I’m leaving a bag of loud
Breathing at last, no more be in my ass
Being harassed bout could be at the path
No more lyin to the professor that I hit the dresser
Or tripped over some records to a boy this lecture
‘Cus this the straw that broke the camel’s back
Where we panic at
Where I threw the hammer at
Where I’m understanding that totem step
Already empty where we standed
And I’m licking the shots for the broads who having just all the bubs
Niggas like you was a threat to who was here to protect you when they should’ve said F you
That’s when they said “I love you boo, don’t do this child”
That’s when I said “I love you too but I gotta”

(Hook x4: Akon)
Bang Bang, she shot me down
Bang Bang, I hit the ground
Bang Bang, that awful sound
Bang Bang, my baby shot me down

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