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Papoose – 6 Foot 7 Foot lyrics

I'm the greatest advocate...
But writers make you fellow face the...
Man I get to shake you a rap,
I bet you they'll surrender,
Stop them with... All boots,
You can taste the leather!
Let the... Bet you I can... Better!
Hey crash, hey...
Pay the chatter!
Master what you won't remember,
... Like a Lakers member,
... In a lake assembly,
I hit the... And shake the...
You girl... Chasing niggers,
Said she need a babysitter.
... Make your pictures...
Call me with a straight vendetta,
Your body is...
Man, I'm off the wall like street fighter play with...
Got the nickel play whatever you suburbs claim your feathers.
I'm the clown...
Run a mobile on a track,... Shine they reflected,
Cause I'm a wise brave adventurer,
Brooklyn my state projector,
Quit the vibe,...
Make a... Great...
Ever violate the... Other... Professors,
... The plot places the question;
We will not let you...
With a... Stay perfective,
With some high rate investors,
While I'm God's paper pleasure,
We... Take the pleasure.
You should try and play for better
Like the God makes some...
I'm the fraud they collected,
We define a face of terror,
Bring the helicopters out,
Make them fly their propellers!
Life is like a game of chess!
While you guys are playing checkers
Hasn't take the smoke of Dutch.
If the cow makes vanilla,
Hustling, bossling, struggling, juggling,...
And his blundering, mumbling, thumbing,...
... Is tough as a puzzle is puzzling.
Bossing your bubble, you're stuck in a...
Come to the bubble with such a...
Catch you... When I...
Come off the shadow and run through the tunnel,
I'm troublesome!
Cut you, your blood, at the... So sudden,
Death is becoming, your soul is a bubble, is hovering.
Blood on my... , I'm...
I'm humble revenge, I love you!
Your bone could tumble, I'm thunderous,
Since you say you wanna rumble
When the jungle...
Go fucking rumble it

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