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Paperboys – Put I On lyrics

S*titman I. don't know what the f k**we just listen to But,
that was some bullshit Luckely. I got the new Paperboys tape You.
know what this is I?
don't even know what it's called but, man it's, funky fresh in the flesh Live.
and effect on your radio this, is Jimmy Jupiter check, out Paperboys [Vinni]!*

hit the docks and I'm sure Senses
locked with all ma stocks on the floor I'm
on the benches What
I'm watching is pure "Still
the tension" I've
got lots in me to cure Though
these toxins got me boxing with doors On
top of chords I drop it for you and yours "And
tell'em" I
can't stop I'm
too bored I
wanna swap the shoe-store for something better Stressing
to get ma act together But
I know that ma cap fits Ain't
changing ma tactics I'm
gaining so that's it Blessing
rapshit With
masterminded I adapt quick Immaculate
theories Another
track to put me back in the series Keep
it cracking bout to happen Ya
hear me Fuckers?
acting like I'm barely rapping Knowing
it's so fat that it's scary You
see it clearly It's?
sincerely yours Vincent Vagabond Feel
the calm before the storm Mr
Prince. of Babylon Batter
stepping on Addict
is getting warm I
let'em have a savage with his weapon drawn Refreng

come on we put it on y'all Were
gon ball so holla when vagabond calls Ya
know We
get involved Were
grabbing it all We
got it on Put
it on y'all Eh
yo When
vagabond calls holla back Follow
the bottles and solid tracks Like
that Is

just so happens were suckers for lust Rapping
like it's nothing to us And
Steady puffing ain't gon f gay***adjust We've
had enough of trust Building
muscle like some hustlers Enterprise
ma sentiments Just?
let antennas rise Send'em
high Look
up in the sky I
know the world is crooked Full
of documented lies but I've been advised And
then besides We
ain't old yet I
want a Rolex I
wanna roll for the gold we gotta go get And
though it's slow Yo
that's so sweat coz I can grow checks I've
got effects fully digital but low tech See
we're originals yet, hoes slept But
now they're on a campaign And
I don't wanna listen That's
a damn shame Coz
we're advanced in this mans game It's
good to be free Ain't
that something S
titit's good to be me I
hit the trees thinking could it be Tryin
to move some footage for fees And
steady scheming till were put at ease Ref


like a ceiling with fans It's
evident I'm not a militant man Benevolence
inside a diligent plan Gaining
kilograms And
though I'm spilling I
feel the will at hand Hey
man I'm chilling I
build a tan on beaches that are filled with fam And
ma grill in tha sand A
Miller-can Still
I think for minute Still
with the symptoms of a infinite cynic Another
drink and I'm finished I let it all go I'm
thinkin that the problems can't be solved So
I hustle for a Volvo But
is only me Or? are we all slow You
don't need your morse-code To
see the flaws in their courseload Supports
law Kids
grow with a brain But
they never use'em Guess
we gotta train'em for revolution Imposing
change like it's heavens blueprint Another
rebel movement Proving
none of ma fellas is stupid Coz
all it is is f gay***music So
get it right I
like the credit but were headed for a better life

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