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Pagoda – Fetus lyrics

I think of you
Floatin' in there
And all the shit I thought I carry away from it will be
Floatin' inside the stomach of my baby
Little fetus waitin' to meet us
With your first swallow of air
All alone suckin' up all the worlds dispair

I phene for more
I phene for the core
A long way back down
Drown me in the sound
I found it beneath the junk
Just a punk who's sunk in too deep
I weep for me
For everyone who is and will never be

Yeah yeah yeah(...)

Never gave God much consider or thought
I fought that grip that he never caught
But the soul is something I couldn't help but feel
It's risen rain that wets
Especially the fur that pets
If you own the cat
And I believe in portion
And I kill you easy one abortion

Foundation I must die of life
Kiss me like a knife
Am I dead now God
Am I dead now wife

Yeah yeah yeah(...)

And I think of you
Floatin' in there
Not a shread a thought a care
Where your from or will be
Swimin' inside the stomach of my baby
Little fetus waitin' to meet us

You were born in my head
Every time I hear my fear
Every tear of my sad eye will drip
Every drop that runs past my lips
For every thought

How good, that your death now benefits me

How could it benefit me
It benefits me (x3)

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