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Paddy Kelly – No Fuzz, No Buzz, Back To Rock 'n Roll lyrics

Deep down the ocean is where I'm going
Away from the surface that evil has woven
Cause believing lies
Is like eating rotten apples
Fighting through the jungle in this world
Of wackos
Blown by the wind or taken
By the current and being hurried
To be burried is what you inherit
Grow up with mass media manipulation
Perverting present and future generations
Gotta be as wise as
A snake
And gentle as a dove
I'd rather be a manacay than a fake
As long as I work out of love
Alive for heaven's sake but just believing is not enough
No fuzz, no buzz, back
To rock'n'roll
No fuzz, no buzz, back
To rock'n'roll
No fuzz, no buzz, back
To rock'n'roll songs
If I'm not in the solution I'm in the problem
Just one man's opinion amongst 6 billion
Politically incorrect even if that nails me dead
'cause someone's gotta stop... to break the silence
Gotta be as wise as...
No fuzz, no buzz, back...
Live what you preach the fruits of this tree
Is what we will see
Live what you preach keep your spirit free
From the thorns and the weeds
No fuzz, no buzz, back
To rock'n'roll...
No fuzz, no buzz, back
To rock'n'roll...

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