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Oscarr – Too Long lyrics

Baby when you gone
Don’t be gone for too long
Coz I need you by my side

Baby when you gone
Don’t be gone for too long
Coz I need you by my side

Verse I (L.A.C)
I don't wanna say Bye Bye So Long
Wen U gone, Plz don't be too Long
I can't be by myself, it so Wrong
NdimaPoila, Wen I'm alone

Don't wanna walk by myself SoLo
Coz you alwyz lift mi Up, Never so Low
Ndiwe nkazi amene Umandisunga MudongoSoLo
Is God who Made our love pattern
We jus Follow

Every Time we Kiss
The feelin' is sinsentionaL
Soft Lips, African beauty Original
Love alwyz on track Never Losing signal
I'm truly Urs, Yeah U knOw

So Baby when you gone
(Baby wen U gone)
Don't be gone for too long
(Don't be gone for too long)
Cause I need you by my side

Baby when you gone
(Baby wen U gone)
Don’t be gone for too long
(Don’t be gone for too long)
Coz I need you by my side

(Verse II)
Believe me I really love you girl
My heart is locked up in you n it's hard to bail
This pit called love is where the nigga fell
Haters tryna separate us but to no avail
Been through a couple girls yes indeed
But this right here's got a different feel
See I don't get it here like for real
How a girl this hot would gimme such a chill
Your look is different n I love your smile
Jus to get to your heart I'll walk a thousand miles
For you I'll let my plans hang for a while
I'll roll up when you need me just hit the dial
I don't know how you work your magic
Situations drammatic is never traggic
Making out whenever we stuck in traffic
If it's a love charm then it works terrific

(Hook) X2

(Verse III)
I know sometimes I play hard to get
But I still miss you coz you're a hard target
All these other girls trynna flirt
They jus want me to get into their under skirts
Skirts! Skirts!
But no I don't want to go there
Wanna stay here
With you n our future so clear
Special like a beer
Be my leader ama cheer
I don't want you to dissappear
Losing you is my biggest fear
So just stay with me dear
Stick together coz we are a pair
So the third party jus wants to interfere
Pay em no mind let em loose like a flear
Let's take a step ahead n baby switch the gear
Don't be gone you're my new fam
Your sweet voice kind of my favorite jam
When you're gone my feelings go numb
So stay with me so I hold you in my arm


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