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O'ryan – Smells Like A Party Featuring Marques Houston And lyrics

Featuring*Marques Houston and Rufus Blaq T

Scott on the track Where
you at Marques Oh
tell em what you're talking about [Verse

step, off into the party like a real O G. Got.
about 40 or 50 girls behind me They
all must be waiting for my pool party I'm
just tryin to find the one with the biggest booty Bathing
suits tight, bikinis No
alchol cuz I'm a little to you to drink Got
the crib to myself let me think What
should I do Why?
don't ya'll tell me [Chorus

everywhere (hey) All
the fellas everywhere (ho) Got
the crib to ourselves What
should we do Hmmm?
smells like a party [Bridge

la la la la (hey) Smell
that yo La
la la la la (ho) Smell
that come on La
la la la la (hey) Smell
that yeah La
la la la la It
smells like a party [Marques

Houston] Oh
tryin to party with my man O G. Tonight. All
the ladies put your hands in the air Fellas
dance to the beat c'mon [Verse

2 ]:I
got on all my ice made from Jacob the Jewler I'm
home alone feelin like Ferris Beuller Mami
you're fine but your friends much cuter It
doesn't matter cuz no one's a loser So
fresh so clean Doing
what I'm doing Cuz
there's this One
chick I'm thinking of pursuing I
can tell by her smile she's thinking the same thing So
what should I do Why?
don't ya'll tell me [Chorus





Rufus: Blaq] Yo
mami lock your doors No
more kids allowed Pull
up in big trucks It's
me and Houston's crowd Escalades
range, rovers I
put In??? my clothes Ice
around my neck wrist, Down
to my toes Hypnotic
and henney See
now you're messing with pros We
can hide upstairs That
little bikini dispose 18
and under that's held down by O How
we rock a jump off Nobody
has to know Shhhhhhh

status Tug... B2k... the whole family you know Mh)... [Chorus





like a party ya'll Smells
like a party ya'll Smells
like a party ya'll Smells
like a party ya'll

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