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Orfeh – Last Time I Cry lyrics

It's the last time you make me feel lonely
Or find me at waiting at home anymore.
'Cause I finally know what I'm needing.
Not like before.

I'm gonna run from my feelings.
Or I'll believe every word that you say.
I promised myself I'd forget you.
Time to stop the tears from falling down my face.


Here's the last time I cry over missing you.
Tonight's the last night I'm losing my sleep.
Tomorrow I'm not gonna worry...
If you come back to me.

Here's the last time I cry.

It's the last time I'm willing to meet you.
Tonight's your last chance to tell me goodbye.
'Cause I finally know I don't need you.
Here in my life.

When you said honey I'm just workin' late again...
Or, baby, it don't mean a thing.
For each time that you lied, one more time that I cried.
And to me and my heart, it meant everything.


Don't try to tell me you're sorry.
I'm gonna put all this pain to an end.
Oh don't you dare try to hold me.
'Cause I'm not falling, I'm not falling, no not again.
No not again.

(Last time I, last time I, last time I cry.)
(Last time I, last time I, last time I cry.)

Last time I cry...


Last time I cry...
(Cry, cry, cry)
Last time I cry.
(Cry, cry, cry)
Last time I cry.
(Don't come back to me)

(Fade out)

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