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Orange Light – Creating A Time Machine lyrics

Why does it always feel like I'm the one who can't be anyone today
I always though I'd go somewhere
But I'm seventeen, in Cali', now I just don't care
My insecurity, it screams out secrets
Yeah we rule this town but we didn't really mean it
I'll be drownin in Eufaula's lake
It didn't break this time so we take another take
I don't remember being a kid
Maybe that 'cause it never really happened

Let's take a drink from this bottle of whiskey
My heart just called, he said he really missed me
I can't believe you're really gone
We we're so young and we we're never done
Let's try to dance a little to this tune
I'll show you how to sweep like a broom
I knew a blind man without his eyes
But if you don't have eye are you really blind
I once heard we were all the same
So if you're scared of anybody
Then you're scared of your own name
Last night was kinda crazy
I remember it but it's a little hazy
You were drunk but you said we were best friends
Yeah, we'll find fame, and we'll find where it ends
I'm gonna make it out of this life today
No, no I'm not here to stay
You'll be in the same place then when you die
As you were your entire life
I'm not talkin to you
I'm talking to your mind

I'm not talking to your name
I'm talking to your brain
We're gonna be alright

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