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Opus – Life Is Life lyrics

La la la la la!
La la la la la!
La la la la la!
La la la la la!

Life is life

When we all give the power
We all give the best

Every Minute of an hour
Don't think about a rest

When you all get the power
You all get the best

When everyone gives everything
And every Song everybody sings
Then it's life

Life is life
Life is life

Life is life
When we all feel the power
Life is life
Come on stand up and dance
Life is life
When the feeling of the people
Is the feeling of the band

Life is life
Life is life

Life is life
Life is life

And you call when it's over
You call it should last
Every minute of the future
Is a memory of the past
'Cause we all gave the power
We all gave the best

When everyone gave everything
And every song everybody sings
Life is life

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  • id_389839
    Timothy Cannon
    Harmony, in life, working, playing singing its life, yes, and the other side of the coin, maybe could be mixed in or spoken, telling the id speaking to you fomenting just to make the journey longer, so it explains more and teaches people more, I been confined 15 years, watching people.
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