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Opeth – The Lotus Eater lyrics

Liquid is in your throat,
For hopeless delight.

After all you fell in love with death,
Life has aborted all you've had
And all you became,
The night is calling, you pray forth.

A barren waste is your land,
Crops they were sown to die.

This skin is a mirror,
The eyes hollow with ignorance,
Health runs from your lips,
Sucked in and safe in a world of sleep.

All those years caring for a liar.
A benefit road is winding higher.
You're a moth too close to the fire.

You are stuck in a route of confusion
Changing and waiting and seeking the truth of it all.

Fleeing your sorrows
Pushing your spirit away

Sick of the weakness of the psyche
Whispered from the heart of evil
Luring them all into despair
Resenting the goods of a savior

And cries out
For the restless will also die

A selection culled from the damned
Drawing the life under one.
A friend died in your room
And sought the birth of a follower

Oh, Brother!
You're a killer
And you target yourself
I wish you'd never come back
For us to see
The beckoning end

And the pride of a mother
Brought flaws in a mother's son,
And the love from a father
Was used by a father's son

Overheard us talking
In a smoke of lost hope
The language of our parting
So clear and so true

Overheard us talking

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The Lotus Eater meanings

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    Atakan Aydin
    This song is ironically relevant to myself. I still can't connect emotionally to it, but I understand it because I've lived the life of the lotus eater, ultimately I'm bad for everyone because of my nature, but I resent good traits to cover myself in this world. I used to be very happy as a child but was overly loved with pride. There's a lot of sorrow I created because of my own desire to fill up my corruption. I'm afraid of the consequences of thinking the way I always have, I don't know if god or my family could forgive that, as well as everyone else, I wonder how many lotus eaters there are in this world, I can't be the only one. I formed one lie after another because my devil took control of me and I've formed an ever lasting infatuation with death himself. Death doesn't love me back but merely uses me as his human puppet embodiment which sounds cool and is more addictive than heroin, cigarettes, any drug ever combined but it gives you a perspective and a dark form of enlightenment which can only be experienced if you've lived that enlightenment. I want to see the opposite enlightenment, and return and remember home, but I still cannot forget that dark enlightenment, it's not apathy, it's an alternative universe I explored and remembered and hopefully I get to seek the opposite form of enlightenment
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    The song refers to a guy that is reaching for salvation from god or his family, because he has done something wrong. Because his apologise was not accepted he beggan to think ways of destroying everything on his path. He also states that the restless will also die. That probably means that the other people that did not help him or made his life more miserable will die. That's why the lotus eater is refered here. He lives in a world full of misery and corruption. So, noone shall be alive when they wake up from their dreams and face the real world.
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