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One Man Army And The Undead Quartet – Sandman Apocalypse lyrics

Crash! Two worlds collide
Come trooper – King of dark plains
Final frontier, souls turn nocturnal
Withering between bloody sheets
I push my host into deep space
Chained between clouds and fiery horror
I'll be the victor of the underworld
Subconscious tons of terror
Infesting this funeral world of purgatory punishment
Tortured in the borderland
Addressing my victim in comatose bloodshed

Fearless spawn of antichrist
Reborn in the flames of Gloria's womb
I grant my body the gifts of a snake
Poisonous mind fighting it's own war

War, war of the souls now gathered
The devils brigade escorting a creature of no points

I washed my hands in bloody water
I spread my colors over your grave
I was alive loving life too much
Furiously beating on heaven's gate
Now I'm trapped, chained at the edge
One final thrill – Painkiller blues
I'm no victor of the underworld
Dead man walking – I have been served

War, war of the souls now gathered
The devils brigade escorting a creature of no points

Digesting this funeral world of pandemonium
Twilight zone incorporated
Sleeping with the devil knowing I cannot go back

War, war of the souls now gathered
The waiting time is over
Today is a fine day to die

I look down the abyss
As the crooked angel pulls me down
Flames reach my bode
As the devils brigade salutes

Sandman apocalypse

Sandman pull the plug

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