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Ol' 55 – On The Prowl lyrics

Well I've been waitin' and it's a Saturday night
And I call up the boys who will be cruisin' tonight
They got a party on and they say it's gonna be alright

Well we parked the Custer on somebody's front lawn
And the boys and I, we sneak in the back door
We mingle in like we've done it a million times before

On the prowl - that's how we get our fun
On the prowl - don't you tell my mum
On the prowl - ahh, the company I keep
On the prowl - you know it ain't so discreet
Prowlin' with the boys o-on a Saturday night

Well all was quiet till we turned off the lights
Ah-hah-hah, ah-hah-hah, ah-hah-hah
And I heard some shouting, someone started a fight
Ah-hah-hah, ah-hah-hah, ah-hah-hah
And I struck a match, I nearly died of fright

Know what I saw, good-golly greaf
I was a-lookin' at the police cheaf

On the prowl - now I've seen it all
On the prowl - the policeman's ball
On the prowl - ahh, they were everywhere
On the prowl - so I ran for the stairs
Prowlin' with the boys on a Saturday night

This song is a social documentary
On the human habits of congregating in the safety of numbers

The lights came on, but we were gone
I made it to the door in half the speed of light
Got to my car, I nearly died
There was a p'liceman sittin' silent inside

On the prowl - I didn't know what to say
On the prowl - you know crime does not pay
On the prowl - I knew I was done
On the prowl - 'cause he was wearin' a gun
Prowlin' with the boys o-on a Saturday night

On the prowl - all the boys had gone
On the prowl - left me all alone
On the prowl - towed away my car
On the prowl - I should have stayed at home-ac

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