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Of Montreal – Bassem Sabry lyrics

[Verse 1]
They play our electric guitars
And if not for the good people we've been
All we'd hear is sounds of our horses dyin'
But I'm not about to start cryin' about it
It must be fairly normal to devolve
In the cycloptic broodin' as the genocidal
Massacres you rubbed ova some perceived sedition
Insecurities of men messin' everythin' up again
(Oh, a show wrote in sparrow in the gales, only)

I neva follow no kind of master's voice
The mutinous tramp of cold voltage Crucifixion is my conduit

I just watched my hero fail
Now I'm in a dark & violent funk
Every leader is a cellophane punk
If ya hear me say yeah (yeah)
Yeah (yeah) Yeah (yeah) Yeah (yeah)

[Verse 2]
There must be a softer vision that ya could kick to
In this aureate gloom, I assume...
Both sides are embarrassingly backwards in their thinkin'
There ain't no-one to side with, none I want to defend
(So the mute minded search, silly in luv)
People disappear on the wrong side of this revolution
When they resurface, there's a black hole in their skull
People disappear on the wrong side of this revolution
When they'll return, all their childhood memories are dead

[Pre-Chorus x2]

[Chorus X2]

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