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Of Mice & Men – Second & Sebring lyrics

I believe it's time for me to be famous,
And out of place.
believe it's time for me to move forward,
When I break through.

This time I'll make you,

Proud to see me overcome all day life.

Proud of, who you raised.

Your shelter, your peacefulness.

So this time I'll make you proud.

Proud of who you
raised up.
You know that I will
Always be here till' the end.

Come back so I can say thank you for this,
Home cooked meals and a place
to rest,
My troubled head when you're away,
I've passed the test, I've earned an A,
Not just in school, but in life,
always be right by my side.
To help me show, hope to all,
That are
lost and sick in this dying world.
I'll use the love you left behind,
I'll change their minds, I'll change their minds.

I hope, I hope you smile,
When you look down on me.
I hope you smile

This can't,
We won't know.
I hope that I make you proud.

This is
not what it is, only baby scars.
I need your love like a boy needs his mother's side.
This is not what it is, only baby
I need your love like a boy needs his mother's

This is not what it is, only baby scars.
I need your love like a boy needs his mother's side, Yeah.

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Submitted byjefferreno
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    I've listened to this song so many times but I saw a top comment on YouTube a few minutes ago, and it said that it was about austin's mom who died, so I looked the lyrics up to actually listen and read them and when it got to the "this is not what it is only baby scars, i need you love like a boy needs his mothers side" I was literally in tears. I had goosebumps and tears streaming down my face. It's unbelievable how one guy has the ability to touch so many people with just one song. I'll be honest, I cried like a baby listening to this, and actually knowing what it means now. Austin is absolutely amazing.
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    Of mice and mens song second and sebring is written about austins mother who passed away when he was a teenager, and about how he feels since her death. It is an amazing song and austin and the rest of om&m are the best. My favorit band, one of my favorite songs. -this is not what it is only baby scars, I need you love like a boy needs his mothers side. Can't wait to see them this summer.
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    It is about his mother. She passed away and he wants her to come back to show her how good he is doing in life. He wants to make her proud. Which I am sure she is proud of him because she is looking down on him. And he is also thanking her for all she did for him. And saying that he loves her. And is grateful for her.
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    Carlile was born in pensacola, florida. He moved to ohio during his teenage years and remained there until his 20s, but currently resides in hollywood, california. Carlile's mother died just as he joined attack! In 2007. His mother passed by the same heart problem he has today, called marfan syndrome, which is a genetic disorder of the connective tissue and causes the aortic artery to swell. The of mice & men song "second & sebring" is about his mother and how she has been a major influence in his musical career from the start.
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    If you ever read this austin. I believe your mother is proud, proud to see that one of the few left in the world to care for someone who has lost their lives. Its tragic to hear of your loss and you current condition. I know this comment may not mean much. But I give you my condolences. You have encouraged me at most to finish my song I've been writing about a friend I lost. Not just to him but to all that have had their lives taken. Thankyou.
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