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Oduduwa – Black Agbada lyrics

Rest in peace (agbadura)
It is what it is we don’t play outchea bruh (fun awon totiku)
It's kinda stupid you think you can mess with this team homs (kilen ro gaan)
You stupid nigga (ahn ahn)
Shit! (nawa o)

Bata the club in a Bulli Van (bulli van)
Achando aibu hooligans (say)
Young Chime Sullivan (sullivan)
Black Agbada boys will shoot you down (ratata)
Black Agbada to your funeral (amen)
I no dey fuck with your head (nah)
I just dey come for the bread (that's right)
Bmajor (What)
Tell it to them (Lets do it boy)

Rest in peace
To the rappers wey I kill over black agbada (R.I.P Motherfucker)
At your funeral
Gold Jesus piece on my black agbada (Swag nigga)
Brand new Js
Brand new Rolly in my black agbada (shoe game nigga)
All white whip
All white bitch in my black agbada (skrrrrrrrr)

Turn up in the club
Champagne shower on my black agbada (let it rain boy)
All the strippers love me
Cos they know I keep the money in my black agbada (got the cheese boy)
All the haters hate me
Cos they know I keep the tooly in my black agbada (tu tu tu)
Got my fist in the air
Screaming black power in my black agbada (haan)

Obizzy said ginger
So I called Cracker up for a beat
And Bossmajor hopped on the track (major)
Dictator rapping with Lex
Tell the people
We go cause katakata in our black agbada
Black man power (it’s the black man power)
Introducing some white bitches to my black man tower (say)
Black agbada (black agbada)
Rich kid stacking money to the Eiffel tower
Even when I die
Put the black ankara on my bitch (amin)
And tell the whole world I said it (beni)
If it aint black agbada then it aint legit (iro nii)
(you know what I mean boy)
I hope you get this
Now tell the whole world I said it
If it aint black agbada then it aint legit (we don’t want 'em)


Bamipe tailor (hello what's happening)
I need that black agbada
Designed to my size like you owe me a favor (size 6 size 6)
I remember the times
When they said that my rap shit
Would end up in failure (o mo'we)
Now its straight to the liver
The shots I deliver
Your bitch is in labour (pa pa pa)
I was swimming the river
That's thanks to my flos
Now they call me a sailor (balling nigga)
Agbada dudu rebirth of khal drogo (huh)
Kilefesebia whalai eti rogo (what??)
Ninu industry mowole bii boko
Mo'gbomo mo'gbounje motun kowosapo (take it all nigga)
Please evacuate the premises
Tawon black agbada men bati wole de
Dripping ibadan swag
Straight from molete


Word out
To the gone and fallen
To the fallen and gone
For the dearly departed
For the ones 6 feet deep
For the ones in the morgue
For the ones in the cemetery
That’s right

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