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O G Money – Shake Up lyrics

(Uh huh, it's about that time)
(Going from a T-Blast, to an Industry Blast)
It's time for the music scene to stop, and wake up
Justin B. Is hot, but with a face full of make up
Yes, this is the Shake up It's time for a roll call
I'm a menace to society, but da name aint O Dog
F. O. E. Bring heat Please get what we on
Or end up like Da Juiceman, Booed after three songs
B. B. Kings wasn't pleased to me, no shocker
Oj shouldn't have shown face like Waka Flaka (Flaka!)
"Going Hard in the paint", Yeah, that's my song
While Flaka recording, Gucci Mane dancing with his mom
"Burr" My nigga that's cold
I hope the stunt was for sales, because he's ass couldn't go gold
Play this song when he bomb, "This is ridiculous"
This should be proof come new we getting sick of this
Trap rap you in the same pack as Soulja Boy
Catch feelings and villains clap like the Noila Boys
I heard Mr. Tell 'em is beefing with Cris Brown
Don't you know he hit a bitch? You better sit down
This is a hit now Thank me for fame
Don't get mad Be glad I called your name
You were featured in a better song, than you can ever make
I'm not David Blain but I'll make your ass levitate
Hungry like Ii never ate play this on the radio
And change Mike Jones (Who?) to Mike Jones (Where'd he go?)
Let 'em know O G Money aint feelin' ya
Rick Ross coming, better hide the paraphernalia
Undercover cop and a retired P. O.
You want "the coke side of life"? Better call Ne-Yo
Hate when people speak upon what they don't know
Cali got good for ten five, now that's a low quote
Rappers turning actors and I aint talking Jo Jo
But she could sit on me, and make like a yo yo
Don't rock polo, and I don't wear vans
You like Lady Gaga, switching styles every chance
Just dance because rap lost meaning
And this happened back when T. I. Rocked the bennie
Urban leagun getting roasted by the best
Ya'll assholes best to toast with Kanye West
And while you're there soak game, get ya skills up
Birdman be the name getting robbed, when the steel's tucked
So you better kiss little wayne goodbye
Said he's the only one you kiss? So you're way passed bi
Lil Wayne, I hope your ghostwriter can battle rap
Because you were garbage before Kurupt dropped Battlecat
Now you all metaphors you and Bird a set of whores
I'ma do you like 40 Glocc, only I wont press record
Hit you with the iron like we on the fairways
The day I bump Nikki, is the day I wish on airplanes
Only a few rappers in the game I respect
Outkast, Sick wit it, and Ya Boy on deck
Eminem go in, Bum B always Reack
Ludacris is my nigga, Paul Wall you a vet
So if you aint hear your name, let the beef begin
I deliever it to your concert like the pizza man
Hot Damn, I rock put me in your ipod
Even an athiest heard this shyt and said "My God"
Cali stand up, I'ma hold you down
O G Money the same guy who sold you them pounds
And if you responed to this, don't expect a diss back
Just start calling Hoover niggas to try and get your shyt back
Before I go, Congrats to Nick Cannon
Knocked up Mariah, he used hella plannin'
Hella purse handling Ha he got bitched
Moved up from Drumline, now you a Hitch
I guess that aint going to play this on the radio
Especially, when I say Lady Gaga aint a lady yo
Damn, mayne how rude of me
The name's O G Money, nigga go google me

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