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Nyce Nuttin – I Can B Selfish lyrics

im calling i can b selfish out
2 no mor money i cant help
it all da yea i can b selfish all
da ladies no money i can b
selfish ur dummie yes no mor
frum nyce
g.killah and cobra no more money frum
us no mor money frum us!

verse 1 (NyCe)
i ben watchin u u wanna kno y cuz all u do iz ask me can i buy buy by
i ben around da world like puffy and mase like mista biggs dawg im
im bout 2 catch a case i kno u ben using me so i got sum bad news u
gets no money i bought u things like fendi and loui vatton i got some
trips to da nail salon although theres good news though i jus saved a
bunch a money by swithching geico!


verse 2(g.killah)
heres 500 dollars (its not real itz fake)
yea go out side i'll pay u for leafs u rake
yea i kno u ben using me well itz bout 2 end
so u can say sorry if u want again listen up
all of da credit cards i cut up and burried so go dig em up
and glue em in a hurry listen up girl itz over and done imma find a chic
dat rides wit me wun

(NyCe talkin)
yea yea yea go get ya brother
i beat da shyt out of literaly
hers a dollar go get nail pollish
99 cent store u punk ass bitch
go get ma money hoe!

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