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NPlayaz – SDWL lyrics

N'Playaz r in da house N'Playaz r in da house
N, N'Playaz r in da house, r you ready to bounce right now?
So cmon bounce, cmon bounce, cmon bounce
Everybody just bounce
So cmon bounce, cmon bounce, cmon bounce, cmon, yeah

Verse 1:
I came to the hood with my boys
Boys were ready to make the nosie
The noise from the speakers from my boombox
Boombox and speakers from our cars

The cars are lowriders on da beach
Throwin dubs as the booties are jumpin on da streets
The streets are ready to see our s***
Our s*** for gangstaz, dr** dealers and pimps

Dr** dealers and pimps stay by our side
By the side they are sittin in my ride
The trunk of my ride is full of gu**
The gu** will present my fuckin pride

My pride came from da place where we from
The place u will never be born
We were born where da cinema is out of corn
So fuck what u think I continue my flow

Verse 2:
I want to welcome u motherfuckers
To the real playa world as a big billboard
Billboard have our pics on the cover
Even Canadians feel our power

Power we have in stacks in my pocket
My pockets are ready to hold big money
Money is a muscle then muscle is a hustle
If u aint workin in a starbucks u know what I'm up to

Cuz u know, cuz u know, cuz u know what I'm up to
C-R-A-C-K dat the shit dat u sell on ur hood
On ur hood u better be in a good mood
Cuz those busters are ready to see ur blood

My blood is full of alcohol
Alcohol is the reason why I went to my trunk
My trunk was full of smelly blu***
Blu*** were loaded for a million bucks

Those bucks my homies pay for this dr***
Dis dr*** thay buy from a local ****man
****man's name is Hoseyn
Hoseyn is workin in a barbershop

Barbershop is the place where I makin hair cut
For the T his cornrows have to be tight
I'll continue my swing iight
Cuz dats s*** that we like


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