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No Use For A Name – Soulmate lyrics

Monday morning you woke up crying
The outcome of a stupid line, oh-oh
Said by some asshole on the street
It wasn't me, it wasn't you
It wasn't anybody you knew, is it
Your old friend insecurity?
The one companion that stuck by your side since you were born
Tuesday night you were in a fight
The same old argument, black and white
It's something that's eating your inside
It's not the food, it's not the booze
It isn't anything consumed, so is it
Becoming a problem you can't hide
So every time yo uthought that you were wrong you were right
The devil on your shoulder gives you strength in paranoia
The countless times you call a few
Your best friend till the end of time
They'll always be there by your side
Solidify conditions you've abused
What that means, you'll never have a clue
More than just a life-long friend
No social life, I guess we can pretend
It's not like I care, but anyway
You always wanna leave, you never wanna stay
'Cause you think if you drink too much then you will lose it
You'll drink your security away
The one companion that stuck by your side since you were born
The little voice inside your head, annoying and confusing
That somehow tells you what to do
Socially you've lost your mind and basically you're out of time
You try to build so much, it breaks on you
What that means, you'll never have a clue

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