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Ninja High School – We Finish Third lyrics

She has a revolver, well I have a monsoon! deep in the carpet of a hotel room my feet sit. three heads like doom, just not zen yet. this quartet would like to rend it weaponless. I watch the sunrise every weekend, and when I'm speaking I'm not beating a dead horse. like streaking the golf course. we realize that different is still real - easy to lose sight of that. opposite to de stijl, we know you recognize! everyone's themselves, and it's really not important. yr mind's controlled by language, genetic codes and socially planned rituals. talk about yourself. don't be a fool. ninja high school: not number two, we finish third... school party all night long!! kingmaker, kingmaker, gonna put you in charge, I form an equation about boss and lard, don't be alarmed... I'm not telling you what to do but what I won't -- even with my back to the ropes, I still cope. develop coping mechanisms? nope! beautiful, let's elope. I'll live nine days in one anytime. with my mind in my robot and yr robot on my robot. don't care about spending? then neither do i... nobody can bribe me! I'm clean! cut off your wings, politically free, can't you see? break up with ideology! "paradigms shift" -- that's bullshit! permutations aren't in, they're finite, and all altars are finished. no sacrifice tonight, no sacrifice have i... he's on every guest list, meanwhile this other guy won't give us one.. yr generation's done, career's dead, everything we do is over your head. hanging at the drake, vampire heart us, existing is a stake (HIGH STAKES).. and we break swords coming outta lakes, coming outta stones, but we'll never be too big to rock in your suburban home while they're Neroing their Rome. rolling stones otiose or you could be with us, it's obvious: new history or bust! we must sweep off the dust, scrape off the rust. it's gonna be us! no time for disgust, only fighting for the just, and that's a plus. here comes deliverance when we test yr toleranc

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