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Can't you see I need to find
My love, my love
Where, where is
My love, my love
See... I've got to know... I've...
Looked all around the world to find
My love, my love
Where, where is
My love

You can have a life with me
Every wifey's dream
With the priceless things like bling
You can have it all
If I called you my love (my love, my love)
You can have your name on the yacht
All the fame that I got
Drop the range off the lot like free
You can have it all
If I called you my love (my love, my love)

I got the child place (child place)
The hot wheels (hot wheels)
Got the pay, got the record deal (record deal)
I got the streets, I got the crowds
I got my peeps who come to turn the party out
I got my clothes, I got the ends
Got my dukes and bubble odd benze
I got the crib with the seashell pool (seashell pool)
I got the hits, but all I need is you...


I got it all good
The wrist froze
I got the hood
In the video
I got the clubs with the V. I. P.
I got the thugs bouncin, bouncin, bouncin with me
I got the trips, around the world
I got the 6 for the diamond, girl
I got the fendi and the prada
Holla holla if you know
You wanna hook up, hook up c'mon
Cause girl I know (I know)
That you (that you)
Might already have the finer things that ballers do
But baby still
Still I hope (I hope)
You choose (I hope you choose)
To be with someone on your level
To give you what you want
But if you don't...

[[Chorus:] repeat 2x]

My love...
My love...
My love...
My loooove...
My love...
My loooooooove...
My loooooove...
My looooooooove...
My love...

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