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Neon Dreams – High lyrics

I'm always smokin probably drinking odds are we getting even each and every weekend
Is your love geekin or the drugs speaking
I roll my sleeves up kick my feet up fuck a cuffin season
When it was newer and the fights were fewer you had no clue a cue to my minover
When i’m down you gon lift me up now you picking up i’m on my way to pick you up

The way you crashing over me
Cmon show me everything
Crave you like i need it now
You know what’s on my mind

High i’m high high (Oh oo U) x2

Kush so loud you can feel it in ya back bone x2
I got that shit that make your head blow!

Woo, You just blew my mind (Shawty) thought i knew your kind thought you were hard to find
Now you a part of time get in your car and ride you just need a bottle of wine
If i tell the truth can you handle if i tell a vision can you channel it
When i see your body i just lose control a symphony that me and you compose

Baby you the baddest chick
With you i’d share all my sins
You’re everything i need right now
I’m losing track of time

High i’m high high x2
(Kush so loud you can feel it in ya back bone) x2
I got that shit that make your head blow!

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